My Perfect Sunday – Auditorium Stage, 7pm
My Perfect Sunday are a delightfully devilish five-piece indie rock band, hailing from Sydney’s Southern Suburbs. They are partial to 80s love ballads, endless walks in monsoonal rain, well groomed facial hair, meandering conversations about nothing, and seasons 1-10 of the Simpsons. The band also thinks that by having a violinist, people will think that they’re totally highbrow, and take them more seriously.
“Sydney-based Indie Rockers My Perfect Sunday have the soundtrack to not only your weekends, but your weekdays too.” – Chris Martin (The Brag)

Cameron James Henderson Band – Auditorium Stage, 6pm
Cameron James Henderson plays bluesy-folk music that hits your head and your heart. His diverse and piercing songwriting style causes people to stop and reflect. As well as a songwriter Cameron has also been a go-to guitar player for many Australian artists for some time with his distinctive and creative guitar sound.

Cruisin’ Deuces – Auditorium Stage, 5pm
The Cruisin’ Deuces were born out of a love of traditional Honky-tonk, Western Swing and Rockabilly music. Hailing from Sydney’s Inner West, the boys blend the southern twang of Telecasters with crying steel guitars and driving bass. The Rev. Dr. Z’s (lead guitar) soulful voice and burning solos blend with the mournful wail of the pedal steel and bring the sounds of Texas, Memphis and Nashville to Sydney for a hootenanny you’ll never forget.

Gene Fehlberg Trio – Auditorium Stage, 4pm
With the roots of rhythm and blues and the lush NSW far north coast, the Gene Fehlberg experience packages the diversity of today’s musical styles within the space encouraged by a trio, duo or solo. Whilst early on in his songwriting journey, Gene is musically accomplished and enjoys channeling the familiar into something fresh. His songs seek to remain accessible and honest, a homage to the songwriter tradition. They primarily focus on human interaction and are a footnote on the why’s and wherefore’s of life, love and relating.

Glenn Lumanta Trio – Auditorium Stage, 3pm
Glenn Lumanta is an up and coming RnB/Soul artist residing in the west side of Sydney. Born in the Philippines and raised in Sydney, he has always had an affinity from music even from a young age, and has grown to have an incredible love, respect and passion for it. Starting off his Youtube account in 2007, Glenn’s soulful voice has helped him clock over 2 million total views on YouTube. The buzz created by his Youtube account has earned the attention and accolades of music industry professionals worldwide and now performs in several residencies around Sydney. With his debut EP entitled ‘In My Element’, Glenn Lumanta is set to rise in 2017.

Yutrio – Auditorium Stage, 2pm
Melding elements of Jazz and Indie-Rock, Yutrio consists of Yutaro Okuda, Nick Henderson and Alex Inman-Hislop.  The band performs original music which they recorded and released earlier this year. Fans of Post-Rock groups such as Frames and Jaga Jazzist will find similarities in Yutrio’s music, the band also utilising its members considerable improvisatory talents. They have also recently completed a tour of Japan which included gigs in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and Okinawa. 

Bo0ze Hounds – Auditorium Stage, 1pm
A fresh groove band comprising George Sheridan, Vernon Zamora and Finn Ryan.

Leichhardt International Ukestra – Auditorium Stage, 12pm
A group of well-dressed, (mainly!) young uke players and singers, playing an eclectic repertoire of folk, country pop and rock songs, old and new. Harmonies! (more enthusiastic than technically perfect); strumming! (ragged around the edges, but we get there); fingerpicking! (occasionally…); ukuleles! (definitely).

Lee and Me – Outdoor Acoustic Stage, 4pm
If you like folksy tunes with a hint of pop and pop tunes with a dash of folk you’re in for a treat.
Jen – vox & guit
Lee – piano, guitar & ‘cool’

Chris Gillespie – Outdoor Acoustic Stage, 3pm
Chris Gillespie is an independent artist from the Blue Mountains of NSW. His songs are beautiful, bursting with observational yearning. “A fingerpickin’, harmonica playing troubadour… ‘Sydney’s answer to Bob Dylan” (Dave Regos – FBi Radio). Gillespie is renowned by his audience and peers for his songwriting craft, especially his lyrics. This music is very Australian, highly original and delivered with refreshing honesty and integrity. You are guaranteed to be moved by this songwriter.

Pat O’Grady – Outdoor Acoustic Stage, 2pm
In his music, Pat brings together a diverse range of influences. He draws from pop, country and R&B styles, particularly from the 1960s and 1970s. As a result, his songs emphasize catchy melodies, emotive lyrics, rich accompaniments and contemporary digital production approaches. More specially, he influenced by classic pop artists such as The Bee Gees, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Carole King and Elton John.
In addition to a being practicing musician, Pat also tutors and lectures at Macquarie University. He has taught in the areas of popular musicology, popular music history, music psychology, music production, music literacy, guitar technique, post-structural cultural theory and media studies.

Nick Payne – Outdoor Acoustic Stage, 1pm
Sydney alt-bluegrass troubadour Nick Payne might have remained a weekend picker with a drawer full of songs, but the stars aligned when a move back to Sydney after working around Australia coincided with an impulse purchase of his dream guitar (a Martin D28). A friend turned him on to Ryan Adams’ ‘Heartbreaker’ album, and Nick Payne discovered to his surprise that he was a country music fan. Musically rooted in Bluegrass and Americana, Payne’s music crosses borders and blends cultures. Nick Payne sings of our scoundrels, pioneers and history; capturing the sparse character of the unpopulated bush, but bringing an urban, rootsy sensibility very much of the present yet unashamed of its influences.

Naomi Nash – Outdoor Acoustic Stage, 12pm
Glebe local, Nash has been dragging her guitar around town over the last couple of years, and is now happily creating her first recording with Chris Gillespie as producer. Definitely watch this space….

Alan Watters – Outdoor Acoustic Stage, 11am
From humble beginnings involving an old copy of Revolver and his Dad’s car stereo, Alan Watters’ journey has included the stages of iconic Sydney venues and classrooms as a Secondary Teacher. Alan is currently showcasing his ‘Classic Songwriters’ show. Covering all the greats from Lennon/McCartney to Paul Simon, Nick Drake, Jim Croce and more, Alan Watters gives faithful yet fresh renditions of beloved classics.